Information and Notes on Gurdjieff's 4th Way

Ways or Path to what?

- The Way, the Path, the Tariqa, the Work, the Great Secret. It has been called the path back to Allah and described as man's attempt to become God or to realize that God is within oneself.
- Truth, understanding, mindfulness, consciousness, and self-realization
- Man, like has not been seen in modern time. - Gurdjieff
- The four Ways are ways of liberation from unnecessary laws. - Gurdjieff (The Way consists of liberating oneself, stage by stage, from the mechanical cosmic laws constraining us.)
- Nirvana, enlightenment, bliss, God (union with), Heaven, eternity, etc.
- Permanent 'I' - Constant center of Being.
- Like body builders develop muscles that others do not, so can but rarely are all aspects of our being and psyche be developed to such extraordinary levels.

What are the Ways / Paths?

- 1st way: Way of the Fakir - Development of control of the Body
- 2nd way: Way of the Monk (Nun) - Development of control of Emotions. Begins with obeying.
- 3rd way: Way of the Yogi - Development of control of the Mind. Begins with studying and understanding.
- 4th way: Way of the Sly Man - Development of Entire Man. Begins with uncritical, impartial self-observation.
       The Fourth Way is:
          The Way of Transformation in Ordinary Life. The Fourth Way entails developing all sides of one's being simultaneously yet without having to withdraw from the current circumstances of one's life as required in other systems of development.

Other ways / paths:
- Way of Blame, Way of Ultra-Blame -
- Way of Praise -
- Way of the Warrior - (read Robert de Ropp)
- Way of the Common Man, Way of the Obyvatel (Way of the Householder - a man who leads an ordinary life) (read 'The Way of a Pilgrim'), Way of the Flow, the non-Way, the Way of Everyday Life

The Work of the 4th Way is comprised of 3 lines:

- 1st line is on one's self
   Includes, but certainly not only:
Development of one's Essence (Being)
Destruction of Wrong Personality, Psychological Buffers, Attitudes
Stopping of Automatic Reactions and Automatic Associative Thinking

- 2nd line is for others in the work
        Getting to Know others in the Work to be able to help them better.

- 3rd line is for the Work itself
        Enabeling the transmission and evolution of the work and by helping those who are also doing so.

The 4th Way is NOT the same for ANYONE

Development along the 4th Way is individualized. There is no set route or magic todo list. It is the way of the sly man, who knows the various methods available for development and uses them as necessary at the correct times.

The Work is not to be learned for the sake of knowing about the Work, but to help understand and develop oneself. You must apply the Work to yourself in daily life. The Work is like a tool set smuggled into our prison cell, we must understand the tools not for the sake of understanding the tools, but to use them for our purpose of freeing ourselves.

The Work is NOT for:

- It is NOT for those who do not wish to see and become aware of all of themselves and their sub-conscious - including their worst behavior, most wrong attitudes, most automatic associations in thought, etc. You can't gold-plate a shithouse.
- It is NOT for those not willing or able to spend decades working. The elderly or terminally ill had best not even start the Work.
- It is NOT for those who will not follow it through their entire lives and beyond. Mental buffers, once torn down, can not be restored! (You can't un-see...) IT IS BETTER TO NOT START THAN TO START TO SEE YOURSELF AS YOU REALLY ARE BUT THEN NOT BE ABLE TO CHANGE YOUR WRETCHEDNESS!
- It is NOT for tramps, vagrants, poor-in-normal-life individuals. The Work is Above and much more difficult than normal life. Failures in life will be failures at the Work. Tramps are not really interested in anything. Tramps can be not only be rich, they can be well established in life and still be tramps.
- It is NOT for lunatics. This does not mean not of ordinary mind. MOST statesmen and professors are lunatics. Lunatics have false values, they have no right discrimination. He is always formatory in his thinking. Lunatics can be very learned individuals and occupy a big position in life and still be lunatics.
- It is NOT for those who will not take it SERIOUSLY. Taking it half-heartedly would be worse for you than doing nothing.
- It is NOT for individuals with or pre-condition for mental illnesses. Specifically, it can trigger Schizophrenia !!

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